Our Services

Our key service in KFA is the REAL ESTATE. Whether you want to buy, lease, sell or invest, our services will save you time, resources and money.

With a full array of services at our fingertips, we are ready to service your every real estate need. With over 10 years of professional and credible trade in properties, and proven efficiency in the industry, characterized by client loyalty and satisfaction, we have emerged as a choice firm in the provision of exquisite residential and commercial accommodations in Nigeria.

Property Marketing & Sales

Our marketing entails a large array of techniques to ensure properties in our portfolio are reaching the largest possible audiences.

We have the knowledge and the resources to market properties aggressively, to negotiate better deals, and to ensure our clients wind up with the best possible solution.

Real Estate Advisory

KFA will help you identify real estate assets that match your risk tolerance and meet your objectives. We will help you select real estate investments with maximum potential for price appreciation.

  • Market Research – KFA has been in the business for a number of years, and we keep track of the real estate market by constantly attending workshop, seminars in Nigeria and abroad and keeping abreast of how the market is changing.
  • Market Assessment – For how much can I sell or rent my property? Which property do I buy and where? At KFA, we can answer these as well as other questions with our vast experience in assessing the market as its changes.

Tenant Acquisition

Our tenant acquisition services will aid you in finding the best tenant and negotiating the best rent/lease for your properties.

  • Tenant Evaluation – As an owner, you want to make sure you are getting a quality tenant who can financially meet the obligations of renting your property and will take care of it. KFA will evaluate possible tenants thoroughly to make sure you are protected.
  • Rent/Lease Negotiations – Our clients do not have to worry about the negotiating process. We take this worry away and make sure your best interests are represented in acquiring the best rent possible.
  • Contract Administration – We handle all aspects of the contract agreements and provide you with the terms of your rent/lease.
  • Tenant Relations and Retention – At KFA, we pride ourselves in the ability to have excellent tenant relations which helps ensure you as the property owner will have retention of good tenants.

Property Management

Years of experience tell us the best way to maintain high occupancy rates is to have strong, positive lines of communication with tenants. For this reason, we work with property owners and tenants and respond to the needs and concerns of both. KFAprovides essential information, advises on a course of action, and keeps owners informed about the issues impacting their property value.

Our objectives are low operational costs, operational excellence and the maximization and protection of property values.

  • Rent collection – KFA is a professional property management company with many years of experience in collecting rents for property owners in a timely manner.
  • Preventative Maintenance Planning – The best way to prevent major repair issues with your property is to put into place a preventative maintenance program. We carry out routine inspection of the property in order to keep major repairs at a barest minimum.
  • Renovating and Repositioning Existing Properties – Eventually you will need to renovate or reposition your properties to make them more attractive to a changing marketplace. We help you when that time comes for renovating or repositioning by providing you with services as well as improving those items already in the existing property

Mortgage Advisory/Development

KFA is committed to arranging favorable mortgage financing for our prospective buyers which often makes the difference between success and failure of a sale.

We also help in the development of properties for people by helping them to build their required and specified house and bearing all cost in the development under a solid agreement between KFA and the owner.

Perfection of Title (Governor’s Consent)

As part of our service to our clients, KFA is pleased to assist clients with application for Governor’s Consent/ Perfection of Title with Lagos State Government and any other Government Agency.

We are able to guarantee a completion period between 30- 90days (maximum) from date of application, all things being equal.

This introduction is to give you a great insight into the services that our company would be providing for you in all your Real Estate matters when our services are engaged. Ours is not a game of speculation, but a game of knowing what we are doing, because we have an expert who is vast in this aspect of law and practice.

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