Property Management

Our Services

Years of experience tell us the best way to maintain high occupancy rates is to have strong, positive lines of communication with tenants. For this reason, we work with property owners and tenants and respond to the needs and concerns of both. KFA provides essential information, advises on a course of action, and keeps owners informed about the issues impacting their property value.

Our objectives are low operational costs, operational excellence and the maximization and protection of property values.

  • Rent collectionKFA is a professional property management company with many years of experience in collecting rents for property owners in a timely manner.
  • Preventative Maintenance Planning – The best way to prevent major repair issues with your property is to put into place a preventative maintenance program. We carry out routine inspection of the property in order to keep major repairs at a barest minimum.
  • Renovating and Repositioning Existing Properties – Eventually you will need to renovate or reposition your properties to make them more attractive to a changing marketplace. We help you when that time comes for renovating or repositioning by providing you with services as well as improving those items already in the existing property

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